3D Character Development Workshop

3D Character Development Workshop

Rigging Fundamentals for Artists and Animators

Erik Van Horn


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3D Character Development Workshop is designed to fast-track comprehension of the concepts, tools, and methods of character rigging so that you can get past the technical hurdles and on to animating. This comprehensive guide is simple enough for non-technical artists to follow, yet presented in a holistic, comprehensive, best-practices approach so professional and student animators and artists can begin designing and animating their own fully-functioning characters.


• Uses a holistic, end-to-end process that empowers the reader with an understanding of the entirety of the character development pipeline--from concept to completion
• Includes a fast-tracked learning by example method. Short, iterative lessons create familiarity of best practices through rote exercise
• Contains full color photos (throughout) and downloadable examples/starter files that allow out-of-sequence or selective learning