Wartime Captivity in the 20th Century

Wartime Captivity in the 20th Century

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Anne-Marie Pathé, Fabien Théofilakis


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Long a topic of historical interest, wartime captivity has over the past decade taken on new urgency as an object of study. Transnational by its very nature, captivity’s historical significance extends far beyond the front lines, ultimately inextricable from the histories of mobilization, nationalism, colonialism, law, and a host of other related subjects. This wide-ranging volume brings together an international selection of scholars to trace the contours of this evolving research agenda, offering fascinating new perspectives on historical moments that range from the early days of the Great War to the arrival of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.


Anne-Marie Pathé:

Anne-Marie Pathé is Director of the Centre des archives in the Institut d'histoire du temps présent (IHTP-CNRS). Her previous publications include an edition of Jours de guerre. Ma vie sous l'Occupation by Berthe Auroy (co-edited, Éditions Bayard, 2008) and Archives d'une captivité, 1939-1945. L'évasion littéraire du Capitaine Mongrédien (co-edited, Éditions Textuel, 2010).

Fabien Théofilakis, Ph.D, has published several articles and a monograph (Les prisonniers de guerre allemands en France, 1944-1949, Éditions Fayard, 2014) on wartime captivity, among other topics. His forthcoming book project uses Adolf Eichmann's notes from 1960-61 to revisit his trial in Jerusalem. Since September 2014, he has been a DAAD visiting professor at the University of Montreal and a member of the Canadian Center for German and European Studies.