Cordwood Building

Cordwood Building

A Comprehensive Guide to the State of the Art - Fully revised Second Edition

Rob Roy


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  • First edition sold 20000 copies
  • Rob Roy has been building with cordwood masonry since 1975 – 40 years – and has taught cordwood workshops all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, British Columbia, Labrador and 14 U.S. states
  • He has written numerous magazine articles and 4 books specifically about cordwood masonry
  • Brings all of the latest cordwood masonry techniques and methods together in one comprehensive volume
  • Provides basic and advanced how-to techniques for building with cordwood masonry: homes, saunas, garages and other outbuildings
  • Special design features, integrating electrical into the walls, insulation options, and various mortar choices are all explained
  • Exciting new case studies from around the world are shown
  • Building a low-cost cordwood home and code issues round out the book
  • Cordwood makes use of wood which might otherwise go to waste, even tipped into landfills.
  • Easy to build. Children, grandmothers, and beavers can all build with cordwood masonry
  • Built properly, and with a wall thickness appropriate to the local climate, cordwood homes can be easy to heat in the winter and keep cool during the summer
  • Cordwood masonry walls are low in cost, particularly when the owner-builder has a local source of appropriate wood


Rob Roy:
Rob Roy has been building, researching and teaching about cordwood masonry for four decades. Widely recognized as a world leading authority on cordwood construction, Rob started Earthwood Building School in 1981 to train builders in the latest cordwood building methods. He has authored and edited a dozen books on alternative and natural building including the first edition of Cordwood Building, Timber Framing for the Rest of Us, Earth-Sheltered Houses, and Stoneview.