Around the Table

Around the Table

Talking Graciously about God

Jonathan P. Case


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In these days of uncivil public discourse--complete with trolling, hater comments, CAPSLOCKING, and generally acting like jerks towards each other--talking graciously about anything is becoming a lost art. Throw religion into the mix ("Well, my Bible says . . . ") and you've got one huge toxic mess. Is it possible for Christians to become more thoughtful and gracious conversation partners as we talk through our theological disagreements? How can we keep from throwing around the term heretic! every time someone disagrees with us? And remember, it's a big world out there. If arguing with other Christians isn't difficult enough, how do we think about engaging members of other religions? What's the point of talking with them? They don't know God anyway, right? Then there are all those agnostics and atheists, accusing believers of ignorance and calling for the end of religion. Why should we even want to talk with these people? Aren't they our enemies? What can we possibly learn from them? In this book, Jonathan Case explores, from a Christian theological perspective, what's at stake in these conversations and suggests how to keep people talking through their disagreements about that most volatile subject: God.


Jonathan P. Case:
Jonathan P. Case is Professor of Theology at Houghton College. He also has served as a pastor in Oklahoma and a missionary in the south Pacific.