Context Marketing Revolution

Context Marketing Revolution

How to Motivate Buyers in the Age of Infinite Media

Mathew Sweezey


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In a world flooded with media from both individuals and companies, push marketing is dead. The new key to breaking through to consumers and driving conversions? Context. Salesforce marketing maven Mathew Sweezey explains "the context marketing revolution" and provides new rules for marketing in a transformed world.

  • Articulates the new "infinite media" environment and how this has led to the "context revolution" in marketing.
  • Provides powerful framework for the "hierarchy of context"--the essential elements of context for marketers to integrate into their approach.
  • Redefines and expands the role of marketing and marketers in the organization.

Audience: Practicing marketers and brand managers, as well as C-level executives and senior managers involved in product management. The book will also be of interest to students and teachers of marketing, brand development, product management and business strategy.