The Laughing Baby

The Laughing Baby

The extraordinary science behind what makes babies happy

Caspar Addyman


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Few things in life are more delightful than sharing in the laughter of a baby. Until now, however, psychologists and parenting experts have largely focused on moments of stress and confusion. Developmental psychologist Caspar Addyman decided to change that.

Since 2012 Caspar has run the Baby Laughter project, collecting data, videos and stories from parents all over the world. This has provided a fascinating window into what babies are learning and how they develop cognitively and emotionally. Deeper than that, he has observed laughter as the purest form of human connection. It creates a bond that parents and infants share as they navigate the challenges of childhood.

Moving chronologically through the first two years of life, The Laughing Baby explores the origin story for our incredible abilities. In the playful daily lives of babies, we find the beginnings of art, science, music and happiness. Our infancy is central to what makes us human, and understanding why babies laugh is key to understanding ourselves.


Caspar Addyman:
Caspar Addyman is a lecturer in psychology and director of the InfantLab at Goldsmiths, University of London. He has degrees in maths and psychology and completed his PhD at the world-renowned Birkbeck Babylab. He has investigated how babies acquire language, concepts and even their sense of time. Since 2012 he has been studying what makes babies laugh and why. His novel, Help Yourself, was published in 2013. @czzpr