Make, Stitch & Knit for Baby

Make, Stitch & Knit for Baby

35 Super-Cute and Easy Craft Projects

Émilie Guelpa, Émilie Guelpa


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This contemporary craft book is packed with easy, affordable projects to help you make unique baby gifts with a French-chic twist.

From simple cotton bibs, shorts and soft toys, to a basic cushion and straightforward knitted blanket, the projects are clearly explained and easy-to-follow. Other crafty step-by-steps include a hanging mobile, finger puppets, soft rattles and sensory toys.

Whether you're expecting a baby and want to add a personal touch to their bedroom, or you'd like to make something special for your grandchild or friends' babies, Make, Stitch & Knit for Baby is the go-to book for creating handmade, stylish baby items.

Each project is set out with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and range from curious beginner, to providing inspiration for the more experienced crafter.


Émilie Guelpa:
Émilie Guelpa is a French author, based in Paris. During her pregnancy with her daughter, Louise, she became inspired to decorate Louise's room with handmade items, realising how much she could achieve with her hands and the materials she had in the house. Once Louise arrived, Émilie continued her crafting endeavours to make soft animals, sensory toys and clothes that Louise would treasure forever. Émilie hopes that this book will inspire readers to do the same for their own babies, grandchildren or friends' babies. She is also a photographer and runs a travel and food blog.