What Is Spiritual Freedom?

What Is Spiritual Freedom?

Harold Klemp


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You can make your heaven here and now. The more you understand this, the greater your spiritual freedom.

Imagine you're locked in a tiny, dark room. Feeling sad and alone, you lie down on the floor. Then you have a dream. In the dream you're visiting with a friendly stranger. His face is pleasant, familiar.

He explains you've made this room of problems for yourself. You shut and locked the door when you started pushing against these problems. However, he says you can get to the spiritual root of your problems. The door can be unlocked and opened from the inside--if you know the secret.

When you awaken, you see he is right. You unlock the door, pull it toward you, and step out. You feel the warmth of the sun, see the deep blue sky, and hear wonderful sounds.

This is spiritual freedom!

And that is what this book offers. In What Is Spiritual Freedom? Sri Harold Klemp, also the dream teacher, uses stories, special techniques, and unique insights to help you find true spiritual freedom.


Harold Klemp: