The Research Experience

The Research Experience

Planning, Conducting, and Reporting Research

Ann Sloan Devlin


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Ann Sloan Devlin’s The Research Experience: Planning, Conducting and Reporting Research, Second Edition is the complete guide to the behavioral science research process. The book covers theoretical research foundations, guiding students through each step of a research project with practical instruction and help. The latest technological tools, such as SurveyMonkey®, Qualtrics®, and Amazon Mechanical Turk®, are included to show the increasing influence of the Internet to conduct studies and how research is conducted in the world today. Taking students through the process from generating ideas for research to writing and presenting findings helps them absorb and apply the material. With its practical emphasis and supporting pedagogy, students will be able to successfully design and execute a research project.

New and Key Features

  • Updated Ethics Chapter (Ch. 4) reflects revised Common Rule governing research with human subjects.
  • This edition incorporates updates in the seventh edition of the APA Publication Manual, including Bias-Free Language and new citation and reference styles.
  • Separate chapters on Correlational and Nonexperimental Research and Qualitative Research give more depth to these designs as important fields of study.
  • Thorough coverage of research design and methods fundamentals emphasizes the practical issues involved in producing research projects and reports.
  • Three types of questions throughout every chapter include Revisit and Respond, Try This Now, and Build Your Skills promote student learning.


Ann Sloan Devlin:

Dr. Devlin is a published author with more than three decades of academic and research experience. During her more than 35 years as a faculty member at Connecticut College, she has taught courses in research methods, environmental psychology, cognitive psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, and a host of related seminars. She also established and frequently serves as chair or member of the Connecticut College Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB). In those roles, she has reviewed more than 800 student research proposals as well as those of faculty and staff. With this experience, she is familiar with a wide range of research topics and research designs.

Dr. Devlin has published four books, the most recent of which is Transforming the Doctor’s Office: Principles from Evidence-based Design (2015). Her third book, What Americans Build and Why: Psychological Perspectives (2010) focused on five facility types: residential, educational, medical, retail, and office. In addition, she has published numerous research articles in such journals as Environment and Behavior (SAGE), Journal of Environmental Psychology, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Professional Psychology: Research & Practice, and Journal of Counseling Psychology.