Keys to College Success

Keys to College Success

COVID-19 Success Updates and Coaching Included

Carol Carter, Sarah Kravits


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For First Year Experience, Student Success, and Introduction to College courses for students attending four year programs.

Keys to College Success sets the standard for connecting academic success to success beyond school, showing students how to apply strategies within college, career, and life. The Ninth Edition retains its tried-and-true emphasis on thinking skills and problem solving, re-imagined with two goals in mind: a risk and reward framework that reflects the demands today's students face, and a focus on student experience specific to four-year schools with a more extensive research base and increased metacognition.

Keys to College Success provides the established KEYS set of tools for success—an understanding of how coursework connects to career and life goal achievement, and analytical, creative, and practical thinking coverage that empowers a range of cognitive ability. This content provides:

  • COVID-19 Update: College students in 2020 need relevant information during the unprecedented time of COVID-19. This update of Keys to College Success includes up-to-the minute information on digital and distributed learning strategies and practical tips on resilience, persistence, purpose, and strength.
  • College Connection to Career and Life Goals: Infused with a focus on risk and reward, showing that the reward of success in the modern world demands a risk of vision and persistent effort over time. It raises the bar to show students that they must risk action to grow, thrive, and contribute in order to make their college investment pay off in gainful employment, meaningful work, and community involvement.
  • Thinking Skills coverage: Comprehensive content with research references lend credibility and perspective to concepts, targeted exercises that explore personally relevant situations in context, and sustained focus throughout each topic.
  • Tailored to the four-year program experience: Acknowledges global economic change and instability and hones in on student concerns about employability skills and debt management so the four-year college experience is framed in practical, work-relevant ways even as it supports the value of a liberal education. New coverage of resources, topics, and research support concepts.

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    Carol Carter:

    Carol Carter has spent her entire career in the business world, where she has a track record of success in corporate America, entrepreneurship, and non-profit. Her student success work is driven by firsthand knowledge of what employers expect and demand from today’s graduates. As President of LifeBound, an academic and career coaching company for educators, her team teaches learning, interpersonal, and career skills to students and trains and certifies adults in academic coaching skills and facilitating in hybrid, virtual, and in-person environments. Carol speaks on educational topics nationally and internationally and has been a guest in 57 countries. In 2014, she founded and funded GlobalMindED, a 501(c)3 organization that works to create a capable, diverse talent pipeline, connecting First Gen to college, students of color, and other underrepresented populations to employment success and economic freedom. Carol is a co-author on many books including the Keys to Success series as well as Keys to Business Communication and the Career Tool Kit. She has also published a series of books on social/emotional and career development for K-12 students through LifeBound, including Dollars and Sense: How To Be Smart About Money and Majoring In the Rest of Your Life: Career Secrets for College Students. Carol is the 2020 winner of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honoree Award in conjunction with AACSB and member business schools around the U.S. and the world.


    Sarah Kravits works as an academic coach at Rutgers University, has taught the New Student Seminar at Montclair State University, and has been researching and writing about student success for over 25 years. As a coach, author, instructor, and parent of three children (ages 21, 18, and 15), she “walks the talk” of student success, striving daily to persist toward valued goals, engage in productive teamwork, analyze problems strategically, and release toxic judgment. Sarah is a coauthor on the Keys to Success series, including Keys to College Success, Keys to Community College Success, Keys to College Success Compact, and Keys to Effective Learning. She has presented workshops and trainings on student success teaching and topics at schools all over the country. Having attended the University of Virginia as a Jefferson Scholar, she manifests the Jefferson Scholars Foundation goals of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship with her efforts to empower college students to succeed in school and beyond, and she continues to serve the JSF by leading an annual orientation workshop for each year’s entering Scholars. Sarah is a member of the Class of 2020 at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education, having earned a Master of Education degree with a concentration in Learning, Cognition, and Development.