Reflection Between the Drafts

Reflection Between the Drafts

L. Lennie Irvin


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Reflection Between the Drafts focuses on reflection in process rather than reflection on process. Based on empirical research, the text presents a theory to describe and explain what happens when students reflect between drafts useful to teachers and scholars interested in reflection. It identifies a common dynamic found in these reflections as well as four factors that represent key dimensions within between-the-draft reflection. Writers’ conception of their goal and ideas of success represents the most important controlling factor in their reflection and the role it may play in their writing. Reflection Between the Drafts is highly rhetorical, and the text explores the special kairotic moment between drafts, the connection of this reflection to rhetorical invention, as well as the nature of the reflective knowledge generated from this particular reflective stance between drafts that guides writers’ revision. The text also discusses the place of between-the-draft reflection in a writing curriculum and shares classroom practices for encouraging productive reflection between drafts.


L. Lennie Irvin:

L. Lennie Irvin has a Ph.D. in technical communication and rhetoric from Texas Tech University. He has taught community college English since 1989 and currently teaches at San Antonio College. He has published articles in TETYC, Composition Forum, and the Writing Lab Newsletter.