I'm Not Wearing Any Trousers: And Other Working from Home Truths

I'm Not Wearing Any Trousers: And Other Working from Home Truths

Abbie Headon


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Office workers of the world, unite! (remotely.) You have nothing to lose but your trousers.

Working from home has liberated many of us from the annoyances of office life. We no longer need to queue for the photocopier, we don’t have to endure long commutes and – best of all – we don’t have to wear any trousers.

But it’s not all sunshine and trouser-free happiness at home. We have to stay awake during endless virtual meetings, our after-work pint in the pub has become an online company quiz night and if the milk runs out there’s no one to blame but … well, you know who.

I’m Not Wearing Any Trousers is here to cheer your WFH days, with tips on how to recreate the fun of a sweaty train commute, how to cope with children/animals photobombing your presentation to the board and how to maximise productivity (for al least five minutes, anyways).

So roll up your sleeves, take off your trousers and zoom through these pages!


Abbie Headon:

Abbie Headon studied music at the University of Oxford and works as a freelance editor and writer. Her books include Poetry First Aid Kit, The Power of Yes, The Power of No, LEGO Build Yourself Happy and I’m Not Wearing Any Trousers, as well as titles on unicorns, grammar and seizing the day published under various pen names.

In her free time Abbie likes reading, cooking, avoiding exercise, spending time with friends, visiting historic places and watching YouTube documentaries about Japan. She lives in Portsmouth, England with her husband Jeremy, and loves being by the seaside. Say hello to Abbie on Twitter and Instagram at @abbieheadon.