Aging in the Global South

Aging in the Global South

Challenges and Opportunities


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This book is a collection of work on aging and development from authors from the global south. Aging is steadily evolving as a public health and social crisis for which countries of the global south are ill-prepared. The forces of development and improved public health services have ensured that human being live longer. But there is enough evidence that such longevity do not commensurate with good health. As such, many countries of the global south are seeing a booming population who are aging in poor health, without the necessary safety net to ensure quality of life. This book discusses work from Asia, Africa, and South America to explore the challenges facing older adults. Topics include: aging in institutions, living arrangements of older adults, food insecurity, social isolation, end of life migration, and policy papers. This is the first book to bring together varied perspectives on the situation of older adults, and the challenges and opportunities that lie in developing innovative, sustainable programs to support elderly care services.