Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

Illustrated Poetry

Sheldon Dominic Fernandez


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In this book, you will not only find all of my poetry works at your disposal but also the illustrations and ideology behind the same. As the title suggests, there is something for everyone in this book and I believe that no matter what page you land on, the text will go on to resonate with you and hope that you start to think to yourself, “I’m glad to know that I ain’t the only one thinking this way!”. The purpose of this book is to share with everyone out there some amount of inspiration, no matter how small it may be. I’ve always believed in sharing and helping others grow, during this, you unknowingly grow yourself. The illustrations after every poem, go on to give you a deeper insight into what is the reason for writing and the ideology/thought process that inspires the very words you read. Now, though these explanatory texts may be lengthy, I assure you, giving them a read will be worth the time and it would help paint a much clearer picture of the poetry.