Fast Facts: Lymphoma

Fast Facts: Lymphoma

C. Hatton, G. Collins, J. Sweetenham


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Lymphoma affects all ages. Advances in diagnostic cellular and molecular techniques coupled with new treatment options are improving patient outcomes. This third edition of our bestselling 'Fast Facts: Lymphoma' distills the most important aspects of diagnosis and management into an up-to-date and highly accessible well-illustrated overview that includes: • a clear outline of the nature of lymphoma • the essentials of clinical presentation, biopsy and histology • a synopsis of current laboratory diagnostics, including immunophenotyping, cytogenetics and microarray technology, and updated to include the latest molecular genetic techniques • key aspects of staging and initial therapy • clearly illustrated overviews of the pathology, presentation, treatment and prognosis of each lymphoma subtype • new treatment options, including targeted biological therapies and chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR T cells) • a practical overview of supportive care for the complications of lymphoma. Written by three lymphoma experts from the UK and USA, 'Fast Facts: Lymphoma' gives an interesting international perspective to this challenging disease. Its clarity and colorful format make it a valuable resource for senior health professionals seeking an accessible update in this area of hemato-oncology, trainee doctors and specialist nurses who are new to it, and individuals affected by lymphoma and seeking more information. Contents: • Epidemiology • Cellular and molecular aspects • Presentation, biopsy and diagnostic laboratory techniques • Staging and general management principles • Aggressive B-cell lymphomas • Indolent B-cell lymphomas • T-cell and natural-killer cell lymphomas • Immunocompromised and HIV-positive patients • Hodgkin lymphoma • Treatment modalities • Supportive care


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