Fast Facts: Menopause for Women and their Supporters

Fast Facts: Menopause for Women and their Supporters

P. Briggs


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The menopause transition affects different women in different ways, with symptoms ranging from mild to debilitating. This fact-filled workbook explains in simple language what happens during the perimenopausal years, highlights the long-term consequences of the menopause, and debunks the myths surrounding menopausal hormone treatment. With spaces to write notes and keep track of symptoms, it is the ideal resource to help women have informed discussions with their doctors or nurses and choose how they want to manage their menopause transition. Contents: • What is the menopause? • What’s happening with my hormones? • How will the menopause transition affect me? • Long-term consequences of the menopause • Managing the common symptoms • Sex and the menopause • Lifestyle changes to help manage symptoms • Menopausal hormone therapy • Weighing up the benefits and risks of MHT • The long-term benefits of MHT • The risks of MHT • MHT and breast cancer • Frequently asked questions about MHT • Breaking the taboo and getting support • What’s new?