Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter

A Multidisciplinary Primer


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In the wake of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the debate between proponents of Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter has been reignited. For proponents of Black Lives Matter, the slogan All Lives Matter is not a call for inclusiveness but a criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. On the other hand, advocates of All Lives Matter insist their slogan is about diversity and colorblindness. The contributors included in Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter: A Multidisciplinary Primer approach the subject from fields as wide ranging as sociology, mathematics, linguistics, business, politics, and psychology, to name a few. This collection adds complexity and international perspectives to the debate, allowing these seemingly simple quarrels over phrasing to be unpacked from many angles. A refreshing variety of looks at one of the defining social movements of the last decade and the reaction to it, this collection will be valuable to those seeking to understand these movements in ways beyond how they are typically framed.