Ethics 101

Ethics 101

Practical Ethical Guidelines for Daily Living

Olayinka Dada M.D.


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There are so many vices in our world today, including but not limited to falsehoods, indecency, shadiness, heresies, and above all, a lack of integrity. The list can go on and on. It is more or less as if strong morals, values, and reputable character have become irrelevant in today’s day and age. In Ethics 101, Dr. Olayinka Dada, with great effort, attempts to address some of the foundational problems that have contributed to the increase in behaviors that are normally considered unacceptable. This book is engaging, informative, and practical enough to transform and enhance your perspective on ethical issues.


Olayinka Dada M.D.:
Olayinka Dada is a pastor, physician, author, and mentor to many. His dedication to people and his desire to raise leaders are evident in the way he communicates biblical truths. His kingdom work has been marked by grace, servant leadership, and total commitment for more than twenty-five years. He and his wife, Oluwatoyin, are the senior pastors of Restoration House, a vibrant community of believers who are committed to raising leaders of vision, integrity, and power. Dr. Dada teaches the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. He is a seasoned leader, church planter, and teacher. He oversees more than eighty churches as a regional pastor under the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is happily married, and Timothy, Esther, Mary, and Deborah are proud to call him “Dad.”