My Mediterranean-Greek Cookbook

My Mediterranean-Greek Cookbook

Greek Village Inspired Cooking for Health & Longevity

Rena Ayyelina


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The low-hanging fruit for health and longevity is, truly, not eating processed foods, artificial ingredients, or consuming sugar and other sweeteners. Beyond that, the best recipes are those that a person will actually cook. If it is not fairly easy to obtain, prepare, and cook the ingredients, the recipes will not help you because you will not cook often. My goal was to create a cookbook of nutritious and delicious foods that are manageable in the kitchen for someone that also works outside the home. With the exception of a few recipes, I believe you will find them quite doable.


Rena Ayyelina:

Rena Ayyelina immigrated to the United States at the age of eleven. Mrs. Ayyelina ate an American fast food diet while working in the family restaurant as a teenager. Compelled to ensure the health of her first child she was carrying, she began to improve her food selections and cooking methods. At first, this meant cooking more at home and adding fruits and vegetables, but later, it meant examining the diet and lifestyle of her native village, Lafka, in Greece. She remembered how rare illness around her seemed as a child and was troubled by how common disease around her was in America.
Mrs. Ayyelina decided to learn more about nutrition and became a Certified Nutritional Consultant. As she made more changes to food selection and preparation, she remained sensitive to the challenges of consistently cooking real, unprocessed food for the family and still working outside the home.
After publishing her first book, My Mediterranean Village Lifestyle, she was compelled to share her cooking experiences with others. Her passion is to help others improve their health and longevity through eating real, God-created food. My Mediterranean-Greek Cookbook shares many easy to prepare dishes that are doable for both two-income families and single-parent families. Mrs. Ayyelina remains convinced that the answer to America’s epidemic of chronic diseases begins with preparing unprocessed, God-created food.