Boxing Like the Champs 2

Boxing Like the Champs 2

More Lessons from Boxing's Greatest Fighters

Mark Hatmaker


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Get a load of just some of the recently unearthed gold in this volume: 1. Jack Johnson's "Biceps Punch." 2. Gentleman Jim's Not-Quite-a-Jab. 3. Joe Louis's "Attacking the Buckler" strategy. 4. Gunboat Smith's devastating "Occipital Punch." 5. Bare-knuckle legend Jack Slack's "Chopper." 6. The real deal on how Jack Dempsey built the power in that Lead Hook. 7. "Hurricane" Jackson's wild "Scoop Punch." 8. How Joe Frazier built his eccentric defensive rhythm.


Mark Hatmaker:
Mark Hatmaker is the bestselling author of the No Holds Barred Fighting Series, the MMA Mastery Series, No Second Chance and Boxing Mastery. He has sold more than 200,000 books and produced 40 instructional videos. His resume includes extensive experience in the combat arts including boxing, wrestling, Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. He is a highly regarded coach of professional and amateur fighters, law enforcement officials, and security personnel. Hatmaker founded Extreme Self Protection (ESP). ESP holds numerous seminars throughout the country each year including the prestigious Karate College/Martial Arts Universities in Radford, Virginia.