Dream Animal Wisdom

Dream Animal Wisdom

Practical and Profound Guidance from Our Nighttime Visitors

Constance Bovier


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Dream Animal Wisdom comprises the experiences of 22 dreamers and their encounters with personal dream creatures ranging from the domestic and familiar to the wild and mysterious. An inviting entryway to the realm of instinct and embodied energy, this richly detailed book serves as a primer for the novice and encouragement for the experienced dreamworker. Part I focuses on the specific animals most commonly met in dreams, while Part II highlights the ways in which an intriguing variety of creatures appear in order to manifest significant themes. Throughout the book, readers will accompany courageously honest dreamers as they alternately resist, evade, welcome and embrace their animal visitors, ultimately integrating the practical and profound messages their special creatures have come to convey.


Constance Bovier:
Constance Bovier is a professional writer of fiction and non-fiction whose wordsmithing career intersects with her deep love for animals and her commitment to dreamwork in Dream Animal Wisdom. As a spiritual director, dream consultant and retreat leader, Connie dedicates her attention to encouraging the spiritual growth of others. She created and led annual JourneyWomen Retreats for her church for many years, while serving as a board and faculty member for the Charis Spiritual Direction Training Program of the United Methodist Church in Texas. In addition to facilitating dream groups and classes, she leads Sacred Landscape of Dreams workshops. She is author of two inspirational books, More God: From the Twelve Steps into Deeper Faith and From the Crucible: When Recovery and Religion Merge; as well as a collection of her short fiction, Restoring Hope. Connie shares life with her family and housecats near the Johnson Space Center south of Houston, where she also tends community cats as her service to God’s creatures and creation.