Oh Sis, You’re Pregnant!

Oh Sis, You’re Pregnant!

The Ultimate Guide to Black Pregnancy & Motherhood (Gift For New Moms)

Shanicia Boswell


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Shanicia Boswell manages to tackle some hard topics and mix them in with her own experiences. She is speaking to an audience that has trusted her for years to share hers and others’ birth experiences. She has sought permission to use previously published interviews from her website in her book. This book is not a medical guide and outlines that readers should still consult with their medical care providers before making decisions on their birth including but not related to - natural birthing, pain management, breastfeeding, etc. Shanicia contributes to the parenting section of The New York Times. The intended audience for this book are Black mothers that fall into the millennial age range of 21-37 years old. We also expect to have readers of all nationalities - as it is with our platform. Even though Black Moms Blog focuses on uplifting the Black mother, we have community members from every culture that participate as well. Our largest current audience group is 25-34, 85% women and 15% men. Our largest markets are New York, Atlanta, Lagos, Houston, & Philadelphia.


Shanicia Boswell:

Shanicia Boswell is the founder of Black Moms Blog, an online community discussing parenting, culture, and lifestyle from a Black mom’s point of view. In 2019, she launched The Self Care Retreats, an international retreat destination to help women learn to release, relax and unwind. Shanicia has been featured on the OWN Network , recruited as a guest moderator on CNN’s HLN Weekend Express, and spoken at numerous conferences on millennial Black motherhood. As of 2020, Shanicia contributes to the parenting section of The New York Times.