Woodcarving Illustrated Issue 39 Summer 2007

Woodcarving Illustrated Issue 39 Summer 2007


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Preserving the Past

By Bob Duncan

The rise, fall, and rebirth of carved carousel horses

Sculpting in Wood

With Betty Sager

Talented artist pays tribute to loved ones

First Cuts

A carver’s journey to becoming a member of the Caricature Carvers of America


Carving Wooden Eggs

With Linda Tudor

The Grand Old Flag Egg

Carving Habitat Mushroom

By Kenny Vermillion

Add realism to your wildlife carvings or carve this mushroom as a stand alone piece

Mississippi Alligator

By Gordon and Marsha Stiller

Stylized Grizzly Bear

By Kelly Winn

Simple lines capture the essence of the animal without hours of detailing

Personalized Love Spoon

By Jim Gledhill

Pattern template makes production carving easy

Realistic Sanderling Painting Templates

By Del Herbert

These easy templates create a flawless finish

Elf Country Stylized Mask

By Mary Cook, Carved by Lou Cacioppo

Combine realistic facial features with stylized techniques for a striking display

Duck Tonight

By Arnold Smith

Facial expressions and body language let you tell a story with your carving

Portable Carving Station

By James M. Haumesser

A sturdy, shop-made workbench that folds up when not in use

Teapot Clock

By Barry McKenzie

Charming clock with chip-carved details is perfect for the kitchen


Tool Control

By Chris Pye

Proper techniques for safe and efficient use

All About Buying Wood

By Roger Schroeder

A handy reference guide and inside tips from 30 years of buying carving wood


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