Man Alive

Man Alive

The health problems men face and how to fix them

Jeff Foster


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Being a man is bad for your health. In fact, compared with women, not only do men have a greater chance of getting almost every illness, but they die sooner too, and this statistic has not changed for hundreds of years. In their susceptibility to the main life-threatening diseases, the differences between two sexes are alarming. Men are one-and-a-half times more likely to die from heart disease than women, suffer approximately one-and-a-half times more deaths from non-lung cancer, are twice as likely to get lung cancer, and die on average three years sooner. Men's health is often stigmatised and we live in a 'man up' culture, where it is more common to ignore the knocking and niggles coming from your own body than to ask for help.

One in five men die before the age of 65. This book can change that.

Dr Jeff Foster, men's health specialist and private GP, will cover the broadest and most commonly misunderstood aspects of men's health, such as testosterone deficiency and male menopause, heart disease, diabetes and mental health. He also looks at matters to do with male anatomy and physiology, including erectile dysfunction, prostate disease and baldness. You will learn what symptoms and signs to look for, how to self-examine, and when to consider seeing a doctor. Dr Foster also covers problems to do with lifestyle, including obesity, poor sleep, good and bad nutrition, and exercise. He examines the evidence for specific health claims, and helps men understand why they make certain life choices. This book also provides a blueprint to help men know what changes they can make to their lives to improve their health prospects without undertaking extreme diets or unrealistic exercise regimes.

Bad health for men is not inevitable. This book will help men be equipped with the knowledge they need to achieve and maintain overall health, and to not accept 'just getting older'.


Jeff Foster:

Before studying medicine, Dr Jeff Foster completed an honours degree in Physiology at Kings College London. He then went on to study medicine and has worked since qualifying in 2004. In addition to his core work as a General Practitioner, until 2017, Dr Foster also worked as a senior doctor in a busy Accident and Emergency department at Coventry hospital.

It was through his work in general practice, that Dr Foster developed his interest in men's health. After realising that men's health was not a dedicated speciality within medicine, Dr Foster decided to create such a position in order to provide an holistic approach to the care of his male patients. Since then, Dr Foster has opened up two private Men's Health clinics, and has been involved in developing and promoting Men's Health at both a local and national level. He has written medical articles on various male health topics such as testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction, as well as promoting awareness of prostate cancer and giving talks to the local community.

In addition, Dr Foster regularly writes and contributes to articles at a national level on all aspects of health and wellbeing. In the last year, Dr Foster has had publications in the Sunday Mirror, The Guardian, Woman and Home Magazine, Take a Break, Reader's Digest, The Evening Standard, HuffPost, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and Netdoctor.