Computerized Campimetry in Daily Practice

Computerized Campimetry in Daily Practice

Visual Field in Pre-Cherismatic Injuries

Claudio Norberto, Francisco Sales, Norberta Silva


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This book became possible after much encouragement from colleagues and friends. For a long time, I wanted to write something similar for the main reason that some colleagues had difficulty understanding the details of the field. Some of them even minimizing its value, considering its usefulness superficial.
There is nothing very complicated in campimetry. Fortunately, it is a very visual matter, as are lesions of the neural fibers of the retina and the optic nerve head. Something similar to disciplines such as Anatomy, Histology, and Histopathology, among others.
The main purpose of this book is to intend to make interest in campimetry possible, encouraging the recall of what has been learned and forgotten, or the learning to use an underutilized resource, which can facilitate not only the daily work of each one but also allows improve the vision of patients, carriers of pathologies that can be resolved or mitigated, adding, at least, hope.


Claudio Norberto:
COMPUTERIZED CAMPIMETRY IN DAILY PRACTICE, was written by Claudio Norberto (in memoriam), in collaboration with his son, Francisco Sales, both are ophthalmologists. Norberta Silva collaborated with the formatting of the text and the revision. After working with translations and writing fiction books, she decided to venture into the medical genre, believing in its relevance and content. This is a work aimed at anyone who is interested in the vision, one of our most important senses. Norberta Silva is graduated in Social Communication and Philosophy, with a Master in Social Communication.