Where Wild Beasts Grow

Where Wild Beasts Grow

Amanda Crum


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After losing her beloved grandmother, Shay Napier turns to art for comfort and begins to draw the wild, fantastic beasts—everything from delicate fairies to a monstrous black bear with golden antlers. Inspired by her surroundings in beautiful Silver Hollow, Kentucky, Shay soon has an entire sketchbook full of drawings. When Shay's cousins Brenna and Jayson come for a visit, their arrival coincides with the news that a developer is buying up land in the area to build a shopping center, leading to worries that the coal mine that employs Shay's father will be shut down. When one neighbor goes missing and another narrowly escapes an explosion, it becomes clear that the developers are after more than just the land. After a terrifying run-in with one of her mythical creatures, Shay discovers that her drawings have come to life. Now she must determine if they are friend or foe.


Amanda Crum:
Amanda Crum is the author of The Darkened Mirror and Ghosts Of The Imperial. She writes horror fiction, middle-grade fiction, and poetry. She is also a Pushcart Prize nominee, a Best of the Net Award nominee, and an Indie Horror Book Award nominee.