Crystal Intentions

Crystal Intentions

Practices for Manifesting Wellness (Crystal Book, for Readers of Crystals for Beginners)

Lune Innate, Araminta Star Matthews


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Unlocking the secret power of stones for self-care. Topics include how gemstones may be utilized as tools for inner peace, wellness, easing anxiety and depression. The authors illustrate the practices for using stones to harbor ideal relationships with our selves and with others. Learn why it is so important to be aware of the healing and balancing methods, the chakra system, how to sense and read our own energy.


Lune Innate:
Lune Innate is an Esoteric Healing Arts Teacher, Master Level Practitioner, and Spiritual Content Creator with presently over 100K subscribers to her YouTube channel: The Lune INNATE. Her introduction to subtle energy was via her Grandmother and Aunt, and along her path she has received Master Teacher Level Reiki, Crystal Healing Practitioner, and Sacred Earth Energy training, in addition to her personal studies on Astrology, Symbolism, The Subconscious Mind, Hermeticism, and Spiritual Alchemy. Born in NJ, and living 10 years in New York City, Lune is now based in South Florida where she teaches Healing Arts and guides clients on their spiritual path, both locally and internationally, as well as hosting events and retreats in various locations of the United States and beyond. Lune’s passions lie in empowering individuals who are on a path of personal and spiritual development by using practical and applicable methods to bring harmony to their lives while aligning with their Soul's desires of experience. It is her greatest honor to be of even the smallest support to someone along their personal life path.|||Araminta Star Matthews is a professional writer, artist, educator, and instructional designer. A devoted lifelong learner, Araminta has earned degrees and achievements in many fields, including a terminal degree in Fine Arts; advanced certificates in gender studies, education, career development facilitation, and digital curation; and alternative arts including Reiki, Crystal healing, energy reading, Bach’s Floral Essences, aromatherapy, Yoga, Oracle reading, Theosophy, and priestess-work. She lives in Central Maine with her family.