Reflections of a Psychiatrist

Reflections of a Psychiatrist

A Journey of Five Decades

Shailja Chaturvedi


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This book illustrates one of the most significant phases of international development of psychiatry with emphasis on Australian psychiatry and its recognition as the fundamental branch of medicine. Every sensation and thought create an emotion with its impact on the functioning of our brain and the status of our health. The book illustrates the journey of psychiatry from the times of lunatic asylums, the days of anti psychiatry, Freudian psychoanalysis as the only treatment, to the refinement of the state of art technology, psychopharmacology and present day equal human rights of the people with mental illness. The author has attempted to include the current scientific explorations, debates and information above the robust foundation of psychiatry, which can also make it a reference book, with its wide coverage and simplified concepts. The inclusion of case studies with changed identity of the patients make it even more readable and understanding the enigma of human emotions.