Handle with Care

Handle with Care

My life as a young carer, the loss of my parents and how I learned to live again

Rochelle Bugg


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In this heart-breaking, inspirational memoir, Rochelle nurses her beloved mother through a terminal brain tumour. With sensitivity and enormous emotional depth, Handle with Care provides a window into the life of a young carer.

When her mum falls seriously ill, 25-year-old Rochelle decides to give up her new job and move home to become her mother's full-time carer and look after her sisters. After the initial diagnosis of a stroke gives way to one of terminal cancer, Rochelle cares for her mother through her illness - helping her as the illness makes everyday life increasingly difficult - and remaining by her side when she passes away. And then, while still grieving, Rochelle must find her way back into the world again.

A moving, painfully honest account, Handle with Care is a book about the agony of loss and the transformative power of grief, as well as an emotional handbook for anyone who has lost a loved one.


Rochelle Bugg:
Having lost both of parents by her mid-20s, Rochelle felt there wasn't much support for people her age. She found that nobody was talking about how being a carer affects young people, as if everyone presumes that from your mid-teens to your mid-thirties, you will be too busy Instagramming photos from your holiday in Ibiza and going for a cheeky Nandos to ever have to worry about losing someone you love. She wanted to change that, which is why she has written this book.