Yoga to Support Immunity

Yoga to Support Immunity

Mind, Body, Breathing Guide to Whole Health

Melanie Salvatore-August


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This Is Your Immunity Support on Yoga

“Yoga and physical health go beyond our moments on the mat.” ―Morghan King, member of the US Olympic Weightlifting Team

#1 New Release in Homeopathy and Preventive Medicine

An engaging, easy-to-follow guide, Yoga to Support Immunity is a clear, step-by-step whole-being yoga at home workout to help boost immune function and bring vitality to the mind and spirit. Author and yogi, Melanie Salvatore-August, returns to give in-depth instructions for specific yoga poses and teaches you how they can assist as immune system boosters. 

This motivational book outlines the ins and outs of why yoga promotes optimal health. With the threat of pandemics and the increasing rise of autoimmune disorders, Yoga to Support Immunity offers wholistic, self-care driven support for optimal health. A practical guide that easily can be integrated into everyday life, you’ll learn how the mind, body, and spirit integrate to build a healthy immune system.

Give yourself Immunty support from home. Taking control of your vitality and increasing immunity are simple things to do at home. Whether a newcomer to the practice of yoga or a long-time yogi, Salvatore-August encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with practical exercises, daily guidance, and uplifting insights.

Open Yoga to Support Immunity, to find:

  • Mudras, breath work, and other instructional daily practices for an at home workout
  • Daily guidance, meditations, and yogic wisdom for support and overall immunity
  • Foundational methodologies of immune boosting yoga with respective yoga-sequencing routines 

Yoga to Support Immunity is a perfect addition to any shelf of mediation books, yoga books, or chakra books. If you enjoyed The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health, Yoga Therapy, or Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care, you’ll love Melanie Salvatore-August’s latest release.


Melanie Salvatore-August:

Melanie “Mel” Salvatore-August is a former comedy writer, veteran yoga/meditation teacher, Reiki Master, mama of three and author of Fierce KindnessBe a Positive Force For ChangeKitchen Yoga: Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body & Life and upcoming 2021 release Yoga to Support Immunity: A Mind Body Breathing Guide to Whole Health (Mango Publishing)

Born in Pittsburgh PA of an Italian-American family. Her voice is warm, inclusive, practical and filled with joy for life. With her early years as a classically trained actor, comedy/theatre writer-producer and teacher, she creates offerings that cultivate joy, personal growth and freedom elevating everyday challenges, humor and spirit into one.

She is the founder of the Fierce Kindness Organization, MelWell Classroom and can join Mel daily on the acclaimed YogaWorks-at-Home platform. Learn more at