Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous

Hayley Sims


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A thrilling, emotional and relatable bunch of short stories focused upon the topic of mental health! It is raw and truthful, it does not glorify the concept of mental health but addresses the stigma created around the subject.
From the depths of depression to traumatic experiences, it covers a multitude of underlying issues that are yet to be mentioned exclusively and captures the vulnerability of each person’s deepest and darkest secrets.
Each story makes you feel a hundred different emotions at once as Hayley explores the dark struggles behind closed doors. What will you feel reading it?
From the many perspectives of Hayley’s young adult friends, family (and herself), Dear Anonymous provides a dark and chilling tone of realism, grasping upon the miniscule details of the physical, emotional and psychological state of the perspective it is written from.
What are your struggles? Weaknesses? Mental health complications?
I guarantee you will relate to at least one story in here.


Hayley Sims:
Only just turned eighteen and now a growing author, Hayley had an incredibly challenging time growing up. She learnt independence and dedication within the strength of her own mind, enabling her to thrive at the start of her adult life. She lived a very different life in comparison to the people around her, and in some ways, this has formed both the good and bad with in her.