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E A Purle:
When E A Purle arrived into world, it lit up white. Literally. There was a raging blizzard outside the window. He spent the next few months laying on his back whinging a lot, but it wasn't long before he found his feet and began staring at them, before realising what they were for. As he progressed into his school years, he amazed his family, friends and teachers with his lack of hand eye coordination, knowing this would lead to great hilarity in later years.Soon, the time came for E A Purle to pick a career. He chose the theatre industry, thinking this would be the best place for someone with his talents. He soon realised that dancing required more hand eye coordination that he possessed, so he opted to work backstage, a move that turned out to be great fun. After the obligatory visit to the shop for a long wait and sky hooks, he soon found his niche, moving lumps of painted wood around the stage, hoping not to be seen by audience members. A few trips around the sun, and lots of shows later, E A Purle found a Mrs Purle. They created between them two beautiful small and shouties, full of life, and many, many questions. It was around this time that E A Purle decided he needed a change in career. Using his creative skill set and talent, he moved into the wonderful world of... building. Once again, his hand eye coordination shone through, hitting many a nail head, but mostly the surrounding walls.However, it wasn't long before the urge to create surfaced again. With a spot of bad luck in the health department, he found he had spare time to write. It became a regular habit, a surprise to all those around him, but none more so than E A Purle. But once he started, he found he couldn't stop. Life entered a chaotic period, the perfect time to add a puppy into the mix, and four became five. After numerous pairs of chewed shoes, furniture and copious amounts of blue roll and disinfectant, life finally settled down again.Now E A Purle spends his days in his writing den, attempting to eke out a career by coherently stringing together words, and as luck would have it, very little need for his legendary hand eye coordination. He released Firestone in May 2021, and the of the Lore of Tellus series was born. Five books are planned in total, followed up with more adventures set within the world of Tellus.