The Lighter Side

The Lighter Side

Susanna Elliott-Newth


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In our lives we encounter many difficult or tricky situations that can make us upset or angry. Susanna prefers to see The Lighter Side of life when this happens. This seems to happen too often, as her readers will see, but as she professes – every experience, good or bad, is fodder for a story!
This collection of stories shares many amusing, as well as poignant responses to life’s little challenges. Many of the stories share Susanna’s husband’s journey along his terminal illness pathway—cancer is a beast! It attacks suddenly, without warning and without manners. It is unrelenting, unmerciful and does not care for feelings. It demands power and wins in the end. Despite Susanna’s incredible efforts to extend her husband’s life, the ‘beast’ became the victor. The Lighter Side shows that all experiences are opportunities to make the most of life’s Pandora's box. It can either be a treasure trove of goodies, as Pandora had expected, or it can be a box of moths!
Susanna’s sagas are her Pandora's box – her chocolate box of mixed delights that she shares with her friends. Her readers all tell her how they respond to each different story, and she is always fascinated by their different responses—we all respond differently to life’s encounters.


Susanna Elliott-Newth:
Susanna Elliott-Newth lives in Sydney, Australia and enjoys the pursuits of writing and teaching. As a specialist teacher of children with reading difficulty, Susanna understands the importance of ‘opening the reading door’ for her students. She writes her sagas to entertain her friends, as well as immerse her readers into the glorious warmth of reading for fun.