What We Remember

What We Remember

Emery C. Walters


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If body and gender identity don’t match, life is hard on people of any age. Hunter hasn’t felt whole since realizing in his teens that he isn’t Holly. As a teen with no hope, Hunter lived male in his head, but turned his female body over to sex, pregnancy, miscarriage.

By the age of thirty-nine, Hunter has saved enough to have Gender Confirmation Surgery, leading to legal identity as a gay man. His voiced deepens, and male pattern baldness sets in. He’s finally seen as a man. But without the final genital surgery, he still feels incomplete and lonely.

He’s in a bar nursing a martini as a tragedy unfold on the TV when a chance encounter from his long-ago past frightens him. Will Chris be another disappointment or a chance for happiness?


Emery C. Walters: