Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths

Elegant Handcrafted Wreaths

Make Faux Flowers Come Alive With Breathtaking, Natural Designs

Stephanie Petrak


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Create Gorgeous Wreaths at Home Using Artificial Botanicals

Make your floral dreams come true with this stunning collection of handmade wreath projects. Lorraine’s Cottage founder Stephanie Petrak will help you build each striking, florist-quality wreath stem by stem. Between springtime buds, summer blooms, fall foliage and winter berries, there’s a whimsical wreath for every occasion.

With Stephanie’s shopping tips, it’s easy to find high-quality flowers at any craft store. She shares designer secrets for blending eye-catching blooms with greenery and branches, so your handiwork will look truly natural. Beautiful step-by-step photos accompany each project, bringing professional-looking wreaths within reach of beginners. Experienced crafters will find fresh inspiration and pick up new tips in Stephanie’s advanced designs featuring organic shapes that look unbelievably realistic. Adorn a doorway, liven up an interior or give a one-of-a-kind gift—the possibilities are endless with this creative guide to unique, free-flowing wreaths.


Stephanie Petrak:
Stephanie Petrak is the founder and owner of Lorraine’s Cottage, where she sells her handcrafted faux-floral wreaths and arrangements. Her work has been featured in numerous Etsy Editor’s Pick guides, and she was a juried vendor at The Renegade Craft Fair in New York. She lives with her husband in Cleveland, Ohio.