Delicious Freedom

Delicious Freedom

How to Take Your Street Food Business from Dream to Reality

Miranda Roberts


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So you want to set up a food business? You want to be your own boss, show off your skills and have an adventure?

Street food is the best place to start. It is delicious and fun, well-paid and life-affirming, offering pure freedom and a chance to develop a real obsession with the weather forecast. It can also be hand-to-mouth, heartbreaking, soul-destroying and heavy manual labour - but more on that later.

Delicious Freedom is a guide for anyone thinking about setting up their own street food business, for those who don't have the time or inclination to read a dull tome on business strategy. It is the book Miranda Roberts wishes had existed seven years ago when she started her street food adventure, and one which many people are searching for.

It provides tangible advice from what you will sell to where will you do it and to whom. Throughout the book you will find stories from those who have tried and succeeded as well as those who have tried and failed, what they've all learnt and why they did it.

This accessible book encompasses all the highs and lows of running your own business, and provides an insight into one of the most exciting sectors of the hospitality industry.


Miranda Roberts:

Miranda Roberts is one half of the team that set up Shrimpy, the seafood based street food stall. After seven years of running Shrimpy successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, she's learned a thing or two about what can make an idea work and what can make it fail. Prior to setting up Shrimpy she developed valuable skills for street food in restaurant management. Before that her professional love affair with food began whilst working on Nigella Lawson's Christmas show.

You can generally find her in the back of her van eating street food and claiming that it's the best meal she's ever had. She makes that claim a lot.