View from Above the Stem

View from Above the Stem

Andy Jackson


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A light-hearted and humorous journey of the joys of two wheels through the eyes of an everyday cyclist. There are the ups of the mountains and the downs of the crashes with some historical context thrown in for good measure. If you like your cycling, you’ll love this and if you don’t like your cycling, why ever not…? Just read these unbiased recommendations:
‘I laughed until I stopped.’ – My mate, Matt.
‘My son is so clever. I never knew he had it in him.’ – My mum.
‘Please buy this book, we need the money.’ – My wife.
‘Please buy this book, I need a new bike.’ – Me.


Andy Jackson:
Andy is a fairly decent, slightly eccentric and mildly humorous chap. He is in a band that has spectacularly failed to get any public recognition. There is a rumour that he competitively cycles but is basically rubbish. When asked what is your favourite football team, he replies, “The Toronto Maple Leafs.” He tries to right the ills of society to the best of his inept ability. He enjoys going on holiday with his wife who is a great companion as well as a fantastic wife and mother.