Devil's Red Bride

Devil's Red Bride

The Complete Series

Sebastian Girner


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Both a master of the sword and a slave to it, Aragami Ketsuko cannot resist the tide of violence that would destroy her clan. Taking up her fallen father's 'Red Devil' mask, Ketsuko fights to save her people, no matter the bloody cost. WHAT IS THE SWORD? KETSUKO CARVES HER WAY THROUGH THE WORLD IN SEARCH OF THE ANSWER. 16th century Japan. The fates of warlords ebb and flow like tides of blood, none more than the Aragami Clan who follow their lord clad in the ‘Red Devil’ mask into every battle. But when Lord Aragami succumbs to illness, his daughter, the fierce Ketsuko, hatches a plot to save her people, no matter the cost… Years later, as Ketsuko wanders the heaving battlefields of her ruined homeland, she discovers a chance to avenge the terrible wrong done to her clan, even if it means stepping back onto a road steeped in slaughter. From writer Sebastin Girner (Shirtless Bear-Fighter!, Scales & Scoundrels) and artist John Bivens (Creature Feature, Spread) comes a blood-drenched love letter to Samurai fiction in a chilling tale of guilt, trauma, and vengeance. Collects the complete five issue series.


Sebastian Girner: