An Insider View to Doing Business in Myanmar

An Insider View to Doing Business in Myanmar

Philip Zerrillo, Adina Wong


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Myanmar has often been referred to as the next great economic frontier. While the world has high hopes for this emerging economy, many hurdles lie ahead. Its laws, infrastructure, financial institutions, and rules of commerce continue to be a work in progress.This book provides numerous examples of companies that have not only overcome various challenges, but also thrived in the rapidly evolving environment that is Myanmar today. It covers the hopes and dreams of Burmese founders, who are leading organisations that are operating there. By telling the stories of their unique perspectives and experiences, we hope to inspire and guide those who follow, helping them envision and trailblaze their own paths forward in the emerging economy.Contents:

  • Foreword
  • About the Authors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Infrastructure:
    • The Keier Group: Have Gap, Will Serve
    • Sithar Coffee — Growing the Coffee Industry in Myanmar
  • The Consumer:
    • Tree Food: Modernising Traditional Burmese Food
    • Bella Cosmetics: Transforming a Nation Through Beauty and Confidence
    • Peace Myanmar Group — Bringing Quality Beverages to Myanmar
    • YKKO: A Family Business, a Family Restaurant
    • Beauty Palace: The Change Advocate
  • Technology:
    • CarsDB — Rolling with the Changing Myanmar Economy
    • Nexlabs: Pivoting to Help Customers Create and Capture Value
    • Flymya — Doing Good for the Country while Flying High
    • Blue Ocean: Growing with the Country while Helping it to Prosper

Readership: Entrepreneurs interested in Myanmar's business environment, graduates and advanced undergraduates interested in business courses.

Business;Entrepreneurship;Myanmar;Start-up;Innovation;Commercialisation;Growth;Family Business;Managing through Turbulence0Key Features:
  • Provides an insight into the entrepreneur's insights, plans, dreams and execution of their vision
  • Features companies that have been successful in that they have been profitable and continue as on-going businesses. These companies, and the entrepreneur's recounting of the steps they took and the results they achieved, would provide others with great insights on how to achieve success in a start-up


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