Inequality and Poverty in Ethiopia

Inequality and Poverty in Ethiopia

Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Assefa Muluneh


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To tackle pervasive poverty in Ethiopia, the root cause must be removed first. Only then can the country hope for progress.
Dr. Assefa Muluneh, formerly a senior economist at the Planning Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, explores the dimensions and prevalence of poverty in Ethiopia. More importantly, he proposes strategies to solve the problems.
Laced with data and based on real-world experiences, the book serves as a guide to solve systemic poverty in Ethiopia and beyond. The author shares how poverty became such a big problem in Ethiopia and how it affects politics, education, and the economy.
The book also focuses on issues such as the cost of living, income distribution, housing, and how demographic trends will shape the future of the nation.
While Ethiopia became the fastest growing economy in Africa in 2018 and had an estimated gross domestic product of US$96.1 billion in 2019, it remains among the poorest countries in the world with a life expectancy of only sixty-six years.
Find out why poverty continues to be rampant in Ethiopia and what can be done to move the country forward with the insights and observations in Inequality and Poverty in Ethiopia.


Dr. Assefa Muluneh:

Dr. Assefa Muluneh served as a senior economist at the Planning Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He has pursued his career in development economics and participated in job creation programs, in collaboration with International Labor Organization’s team of experts. He is engaged as a professor of economics and in research and scholarly activities in the United States.