Covid-19 Ascension Karma Re-Incarnation

Covid-19 Ascension Karma Re-Incarnation

An Autobiography by Marcia Battise

Marcia Battise


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Yet, in today's Eurocentric world or society, we are looking at their OWN, the Greeks, Indigenous people for evidence of mythological humans, like NIKE. The Nike of Samothrace is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Hellenistic art throughout a land area called Mesopotamia, which is mostly eastern world documents and I am and have been looking for the Mesopotamia of the Atlantic Ocean which is described as Mesoamerica.


Marcia Battise:
As an actor, Marcia would like to write the above for the Sci-Fi Network and become a show-runner. Marcia is starting off through a "Methodical Process" of understanding myth, folklore and meditation visualizations into "actual human realities" from the help of her mentors who are the "Architect of Communities" around the world! This site will help her find ways to "mentors" for explorative and diverse ways to develop her writing skills, for entertainment and educational purposes. In order to help her explore her "creative writing" skills, she wants to portray imagery for screen like poetry within her projects. **This is important and sometimes an unusual thing to do, however, the writer must stay in the space of writing without falling into the trappings of "writers block" - which she finds come from the business aspect of this profession as well as life interference from what we call vampires of life... Education: Mountview Theatre School (UK) Memberships: SAG-AFTRA/BAFTA LA (USA) Certifications/Awards: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Lilian Baylis Award (Old VIC Theatre UK) Lamda & The Ralph Richardson Memorial Awards Areas of Expertise: Professional Classical Actor and Screen Actor