30.60.90 DAYS TO COPE

30.60.90 DAYS TO COPE

Self-esteem edition

Princz Jones


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Princz Jones is a mental and behavioral health specialist with over a decade of personal, professional, and academic experience. After earning two master's degrees in psychology, Princz obtained a unique voice for creating change and motivation in others. During his career, Princz found himself increasingly interested in creating work to help individuals create change in their lives. While pursuing his Ph.D., he began applying his time to work on the self-help series that would change lives forever.

30 60 90 Days is a self-help book series that focuses on creating change in your personal life. Each book is riddled with motivation, inspiration, and direction on creating change within a specific focus in life. 30 60 90 Days navigate individuals through the difficulties of creating change with practical how-to applications that anyone can adopt. 30 60 90 Days is ideal for anyone of any age who wants to live a better, more improved version of themselves.

With this new series hitting the shelves, creating change has never been easier!