Honeycomb a Collection of Short Stories

Honeycomb a Collection of Short Stories

Linda Kelly


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Did you ever wonder what it would be like to travel in space and live on another planet? How would we adapt? Find out in “You Can’t Go back”. What is the big mystery of why Honeybees disappeared? Will nature’s answers lead us to discoveries about our planet? Read “Honeycomb”. What if that vacation you planned turned weird and scary? “Gentle Breeze Resort” might be just the destination for you. Do you have what it takes to evade a hungry monster chasing you? “Hunted” could be a clue. Did you ever get lost? That GPS didn’t work so well did it? How did you find your way to your destination? “Detour” might help. Do the clothes you wear really define who you are? “The Dress” has one answer. Has your car ever broken down in the middle of the night in the freezing cold of winter with no one around and your cell phone just lost its power? “The Big Freeze” will have you hiding under the covers. Do you love murder mysteries? The Mysteries of Ginny B has all that and more a horrendous murder of a beloved town citizen, the race to save a kidnapped child and reunite him with his family and two evasive adversaries that inspire fear. Honeycomb: A Collection Of Short stories is a roller coaster ride that will surprise you with its twists and turns.


Linda Kelly:
Linda Kelly has spent her life educating students at every grade level in public and private alternative schools. After receiving a Secondary Teaching Certificate in Social Studies at the University of Missouri at St. Louis, the author branched out to teach Creative Writing, English, Art and Science in Alternative Schools. She wrote a Science Newsletter, wrote and performed poems at poetry slams and at High Schools and Community Colleges. Her creative writing experiences has led her to publishing novels that describe the beauty of nature, human courage, the bonds of friendship and love and the twists and turns of life’s experiences. Life experience has taught her that one person can make a difference, education never ends, and that courage is developed through love, hardship and the necessity of personal action. Linda Kelly lives in St. Louis Missouri with her family. Her husband and two adult sons continue to support and encourage her writing.