Hikmah - Unfolding Mysteries of the Universe

Hikmah - Unfolding Mysteries of the Universe

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Rosalam Sarbatly


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HIKMAH, unfolding mysteries of the universe, is symbolic of knowing the best of things through the best of sciences, history and experiences, and guided by words of God. Society builds culture, and culture makes morals shape ethics. Start from the only One that creates pairing concept and Kun Faya Kun up to the eternal realm. The book discusses the beliefs, the universe’s formation, light space-time, the evolution of life, we are brothers, women’s axiology, technological innovations, detrimental cultures, and Malaya and Borneo. The laws of logic and reasoning guided by words of the Almighty form the basis in elucidating the essential questions that humanity wants to know as the caliph of God on earth.


Rosalam Sarbatly:
BIOGRAPHY Dr Rosalam Hj Sarbatly is a professor at Universiti Malaysia Sabah and the son of farmer couple Hj Sarbatly bin Taib and Hajjah Sa’adah Binti Tahir from Kg. Pilajau Baru, Beaufort. In 2020, he was awarded as the Top Research Scientist of Malaysia 2020 by the Academy Sains Malaysia for his expertise in driving “Nanofiber, Membranes and the Environment”. He received an international award as an outstanding researcher in chemical engineering during VISTA 2021 (7th Venus International Science and Technology Award). He holds a PhD in Membrane Technology from the University of Bath, UK, a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a first degree in Chemical & Process Engineering from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is a Professional Engineer with a Certificate of Practice, was a Member of the Central Committee of the Malaysian Membrane Association, and an Associate Member of IChemE. He is a lecturer at UMS for 25 years since 1997 and had worked in the palm oil industry for almost five years. Dr Rosalam specialises in membrane and nanofiber (NF) nanotechnology for clean water and wastewater treatment and various other applications. He has written more than 100 journals and books and is actively involved in NF technology through collaborations with Zetta Ltd Japan and Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2012. His latest textbook is Membrane Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment in Rural Areas, published by IGI Global, USA, published in 2020 and Rural Intelligent Agricultural Engineering and Innovation Technology in 2020, published by UMS Publishers. In recognition of his expertise and experience, Rosalam was appointed Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Minister of Education and Innovation of the Sabah Government in December 2019, was appointed as an advisory panel and reference source to the Sabah Oil and Gas Devolution Authority (SOGDC) formally started in July 2021, Member of the Sabah New Economic Model 2021 Committee, and Chairman of the Sabah Drug and Crime Prevention Association (PPJDS) Advisory Board) since 2018. He is also the former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, UMS from 2007-2016, and the founder and former Executive Director of UMS Oil & Gas Sdn. Bhd., a company involved in professional TVET programs. In social research, he has introduced a rural innovative engineering and agriculture innovation project in Beaufort Sabah that incorporates zero waste technology into agricultural activities to produce sustainable rural agriculture.