Betsy C. LeBlanc


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“Scarlet” tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion through a family, and especially through a ten year old girl named Rashna. She meets Jesus, hears speculation of His reason for being in Jerusalem, befriends Him, and then is witness to His death. She meets Jesus’ mother and her friends, and Mary explains a great deal and gives the reason Rashna and her mother were guided to such a pinnacle moment in history.


Betsy C. LeBlanc:
Hearing the story of Jesus’ Crucifixion through the senses of a child gives a whole new take on the innocence and simplicity of one of the most chaotic and horroific moments in time. The whole process of His entrance and departure from Jerusalem, although very detailed and so messy, is simple to Rashna. She sees a good man, a friendly man, and a helpful man. She asks all the right questions and the answers are revealed to her throughout the story.