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Bureau Sureleve

–French Constitution– France

Dr Amrit Rattan K Baidwan-Macfarland


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The promulgation of the French constitution and its key and fundamental concept of Universalism marked the end of Monarchical rule in France, and the fifth republican constitution, similarly marked the end of its fundamental and evolutionary history. The French constitution influenced the American line American, Australian, European nations states, governance philosophy and constitutions. These were founded on its stability, and the dynamics of governance, became a settled matter as amendments rested in and through its final stages. There was a resurgence of classical elements, principles, within the legal order of nations, and social, economic, and environmental contexts were impacted. This book focuses on the rights to high office, by women, through the lens of the foundations of the French universalism concept, but also does a comparative analysis of the American affirmative principle, differentialism, European human rights and charters, using notable examples from throughout the world, the Atlantic, Pacific and African-Arabian spheres, such as Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel, Aung San Suu Kyi and the recently appointed Vice President of USA Kamala Harris.