Key West and Cuba 1955

Key West and Cuba 1955

Adventures of a Woman Traveling Alone

Patricia Johnson


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KEY WEST and CUBA 1955 is a novel showing a young woman maturing from self-interest to the importance of family. Healing from a brief affair in San Francisco she starts on the journey to reestablish bonding with her brothers, separated when their parents had died many years prior. After traveling to Canada, New York and Mystic, Connecticut, she chooses to move to Key West, Florida. Working for the “Key West Courier” newspaper, she is sent to the island of Cuba to write travel articles. Although innocent, she is suspected of being a spy, unaware she is transporting illegal papers. She suffers precarious situations.


Patricia Johnson:
Patricia Chevin Johnson insists she is a Gypsy Wanderer who has gathered stories and influences during her travels. Those bits of information she weaves into narratives for the enjoyment of others. Her previous novels were “Seeking the Forbidden” and Escape into Life” under her pseudonym “Pheather Johnson”. Patricia Chevin Johnson dedicates this novel, “Key West to Cuba in 1955” to families connected by genes or shared interests or love.