Perpetual Transformation

Perpetual Transformation

Practical Tools, Inspiration and Best Practice to Constantly Transform Your World

PMI Project Management Institute


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Transformation is no longer a short-lived initiative. It is not a program.It is not linear.Instead, the world's leading organizations now embrace transformationas a a challenging, stretching, exciting and essential constant in theirlives. Welcome to the age of perpetual transformation.Now, the Brightline Initiative and Thinkers50 have collaborated to bringtogether some of the world's leading minds on the theme of perpetualtransformation. Curated by Thinkers50 cofounder Stuart Crainer andintroduced by PMI COO Michael DePrisco, Perpetual Transformationfeatures ideas and insights from Didier Bonnet, Susie Kennedy, KaihanKrippendorff, Jeffrey Kuhn, Habeeb Mahaboob, Tony O'Driscoll,Martin Reeves, Lars Fæste, Tom Deegan, April Rinne, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Gabriele Rosani, Paolo Cervini, Robin Speculand, BehnamTabrizi and a host of others.


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