Redeeming the Untruths of Dating and Purity Culture in a Broken World

Lauren Faith Ryals


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One-night stands, premarital cohabitation, casual dating, and miserable singleness--all things that the culture where we live has normalized surrounding dating and relationships. Let's rewrite the narrative and learn what Jesus says about the way we date, the way we perceive singleness, and how we view sex and marriage. Growing up in the midst of generation Z, I know the information you've been given, or the lack thereof. I know that you may have had shame, loneliness, and guilt knitted into your spirit unwillingly because of the toxic purity culture that still exists. However, I also know that God did not intend for it to be that way. I want you to feel refreshed in not only how you view relationships, but also how you view Jesus in them. Through raw testimonies, Scripture, and hard truths, Inundated brings to light the deepest issues of Christian dating and exposes the truth that our culture so desperately needs.


Lauren Faith Ryals:
Lauren Faith Ryals is a newly married entrepreneur and author of two books geared towards young Christians. She first found her love of writing through blogging in middle and high school. She since has been a voice to her generation with her sole purpose of sharing hard but necessary truths founded in God’s word. She seeks to write as a friend and peer, and desires nothing more than for people to experience freedom in the gospel.