Let Us Give Thanks

Let Us Give Thanks

Graces, Blessings and Prayers for the Daily Meal

Becca Anderson


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Among the many other benefits of prayer, this book will help you:

  • Establish gratitude in your self and your family
  • Maintain hope about the future
  • Begin every meal with a moment of contemplation
  • Build mental energy and momentum
  • Improve your attitude and mindset


Becca Anderson:

Becca Anderson comes from a long line of preachers and teachers from Ohio and Kentucky. The teacher side of her family led her to become a woman's studies scholar and the author of The Book of Awesome Women. An avid collector of meditations, prayers and blessings, she helps run a "Gratitude and Grace Circle" virtual circle that meets weekly. In non-pandemic times, she gives gratitude workshops at churches and bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently resides. Becca Anderson credits her spiritual practice with helping her recover from cancer and wants to share this healing wisdom with anyone who is facing difficulty in their life.